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Ubuntu – 10.04 LTS Final

The latest version (10.04) of Ubuntu has been released.

See here some of the 10.04 features.

And here is an excellent “first-steps” guide for new Ubuntu users.


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Ubuntu 10.04 – A fresh look

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, where LTS stands for “Long Term Support”, is scheduled to be released in a couple of months period. According to the official Release Schedule, the exact release date is April 29th, 2010.

Ubuntu 10.04 will be featuring a brand new look. The good-old “Human” theme is going to be replaced by the new “Light” theme. The “light” concept comes from the idea that software of good value is always light, in terms of consuming resources. Ubuntu is focused on providing an Operating System that doesn’t bloat the user with unnecessary proprietary software.

Here comes the exciting part, Ubuntu team has released the first screenshots of the “Light” theme.

Dark theme:

Light theme:

The minimal boot screen:

The fonts on the above screenshots look superior than on previous releases.
The minimize/maximize/close window buttons are now moved on the left-hand side.
That reminds a bit of Apple’s Mac OS X. However on the Mac OS, the window buttons have a different order, close/minimize/maximize.

Ubuntu will also get a brand new logo:

Official and community sites will be updated as well, featuring the new logo and looks.

Looking forward for the 10.04 RTM release!

Find out more

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Ubuntu 9.10

The final version of Ubuntu 9.10 has been released today!

Technical Overview

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A couple of months ago, during the Google IO 2009, the key product that has been unveiled was Google Wave. I guess most people have been waiting something more exciting, like a near-final version of Google Chrome browser for Mac OS/Linux etc.

However, today, out of all days, we got a huge product announcement from Google!
The long-awaited (rumored for years) Google Operating System now has an official name, Google Chrome OS, and it will be released in the near future.

Google Chrome OS is based on the Linux architecture, featuring a new windowing system.
It will be supporting both x86 and ARM chip systems, and will make its first appearance on netbooks probably during the second half of 2010.

The key aspects of Google Chrome OS are speed, simplicity and security. It is meant to be a fast and lightweight OS, with a minimal user interface, which gives people easy access to the Web.

Later on it will be released as Open Source, therefore it’s definitely going to get better and better.

Looking forward to the innovative UI and the first screenshots!

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Mac and Linux users are now able to test-drive Google Chrome on their favorite OS!
Chrome Mac and Linux developer versions are considered highly unstable, thus Google recommends them only for developing/testing/preview purposes.
Following beta versions should be considered safer, therefore if you’d currently like to see Chrome in action, get it at your own risk!

Official Announcement / Download links

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The final version of Ubuntu 9.04 has been released a few days ago.


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Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex)

The final version of Ubuntu 8.10 has been released today.


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Ubuntu 8.04 – Final

Here is the final Ubuntu 8.04 version:


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Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)

Here is the final Ubuntu 7.10 version:


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Let’s try to compare the most popular Operating Systems at the moment.

Meet the contenders:

Windows XP… from the Windows platform, as Windows Vista are way too “young”.
Ubuntu… from the Linux world, which is the number one distro according to Distrowatch.
Mac OS X… from the mighty Apple world.

Round 1 – cost

Windows XP: You could get it for free if you get a new computer, or you could buy it, it is not that expensive!
Ubuntu: Absolutely free, thanks to the Open Source community.
Mac OS X: You need to buy a Mac desktop or laptop, which in general is a quite more expensive solution than a PC.

Winner: Ubuntu

Round 2 – usability / interface

(Considering an average user…)

Windows XP: Quite easy to install/un-install programs, customize the appearance, and do the most common stuff.
Ubuntu: Although the Ubuntu developers have done a great job to make it user-friendly, it still is Linux, and it would always be a little bit more complicated (console etc.) than Windows.
Mac OS X: Awesome out of the box, most eye candy interface of them all.

Winner: Mac OS X

Round 3 – compatible software

(Software running on Virtual Machines/emulators is considered cheating here!)

Windows XP: Corporate applications, all MS applications, Open Source applications, Games, almost everything you would ever wanted.
Ubuntu: Definitely less than Windows.
Mac OS X: Definitely less than Windows.

Winner: Windows XP

User Profiles

There could be more rounds (for example “security”, “support”), however it’s really hard to say which one of them is the best Operating System. It is all about the user and his own specific requirements.

Let’s consider some user profiles…

.NET programmer: Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005… needs Windows (Mono? No, thanks!).
Java programmer: Windows/Linux/Mac OS… could program in either of them.
Web developer: Depending on the tools (e.g. Adobe CS3 Suite)… Windows/Mac OS is the choice.
Multimedia: Mac OS is more suitable and stable (and faster?).
Web/E-mail/IM: Windows/Mac OS/Linux… simply a matter of personal taste.
Gaming: Windows definitely.
Office user: Windows/Mac OS… unless you are an Open Source evangelist, and love OpenOffice, or Google’s online apps…


Each, and every one of us has his own Greatest Operating System… Customized, tweaked, themed, exploited according to his requirements and experience.

As you can figure out from this blog, I am a software guy, who is into programming (.NET at work), web developing, the Internet, and occasionally some multiplayer gaming. Therefore it would be hard to replace Windows XP with either Linux or Mac. However I am a happy Ubuntu user on Virtualbox, and I would like to try Mac OS at some point (wish it was working properly on a Virtual Machine). Maybe I should consider the affordable Mac Mini option in the future.

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