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The last two episodes of 24’s season 6 will air on next Monday (21/05/07).

However seasons 7 and 8 have already been confirmed.
Kiefer Sutherland will stay with the show until May 2009.

Howard Gordon, 24’s executive producer, said that they will try to “re-create” the series, and bring some innovations on the show.

Season 7 will feature a new cast (some of the old cast might return on different roles), and a new location, other than Los Angeles. The story could take place on two locations.

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Bad news for Fox and for the 24 series loyal fans.
Seems like a DVD that contained the first four new episodes has been leaked, and is now illegally available on the Web.
It is not clear yet if it was a promotional DVD for the press, or a retail one.
Anyway, the point is that one week before the official release this is just not right. People should at least respect the actors, and then the producers that provide us with this wonderful show for yet another season.

Here is a suggestion…
Completely ignore the leaked episodes, the associated files on torrent sites, and wait for next Sunday to watch the show, along with the majority of 24 fans.

The following takes place between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM, on Sunday the 14th of January.

Oh and… this way it would be only one week until episode 5 (22nd of January).

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About 12 days are only left for the 24 season 6 premiere.

I have been browsing the 24 Fox.com site, and what caught my eye was the 24 fan map.
You can add yourself on the map, create an alias, and select your favorite 24 season, CTU agent, quote and more.

Currently the map is only for US based fans, however as indicated on the site, support for International users is coming soon.

Have fun:
24 fan map

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I have just found a great article on Wikipedia about the upcoming 6th season of 24.

The first two episodes will premiere on Sunday, 14th of January (about a month only left!).

I am not gonna write anything about the plot, as I don’t like spoilers.

I suggest you scroll down to the cast details on the wikipedia article. There is a pretty interesting list of all the actors who participate on season 6.
What caught my eye is the appearance of James Cromwell as Jack Bauer’s (Kiefer Sutherland) estranged father.
It would be fantastic though if Donald Sutherland had taken that role!
Anyway, it’s good to have members of Jack’s family around. Even his daughter Kim, might re-appear later on the series.

For more details see:
24 Season 6 – Official trailer
24 Season 6 – Wikipedia article
24 Season 6, Cast photo – Wikipedia
(3900×2593, suitable for wallpaper)

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Lost – Top 50 loose ends

This one is for all “Lost” fans out there.
A collection of 50 plot questions, from all three seasons, that need to be answered.

So until the 7th of February 2007 (episode 3-7), here is something to think about:

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