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A couple of months ago, during the Google IO 2009, the key product that has been unveiled was Google Wave. I guess most people have been waiting something more exciting, like a near-final version of Google Chrome browser for Mac OS/Linux etc.

However, today, out of all days, we got a huge product announcement from Google!
The long-awaited (rumored for years) Google Operating System now has an official name, Google Chrome OS, and it will be released in the near future.

Google Chrome OS is based on the Linux architecture, featuring a new windowing system.
It will be supporting both x86 and ARM chip systems, and will make its first appearance on netbooks probably during the second half of 2010.

The key aspects of Google Chrome OS are speed, simplicity and security. It is meant to be a fast and lightweight OS, with a minimal user interface, which gives people easy access to the Web.

Later on it will be released as Open Source, therefore it’s definitely going to get better and better.

Looking forward to the innovative UI and the first screenshots!

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