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Ubuntu 10.04 – A fresh look

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, where LTS stands for “Long Term Support”, is scheduled to be released in a couple of months period. According to the official Release Schedule, the exact release date is April 29th, 2010.

Ubuntu 10.04 will be featuring a brand new look. The good-old “Human” theme is going to be replaced by the new “Light” theme. The “light” concept comes from the idea that software of good value is always light, in terms of consuming resources. Ubuntu is focused on providing an Operating System that doesn’t bloat the user with unnecessary proprietary software.

Here comes the exciting part, Ubuntu team has released the first screenshots of the “Light” theme.

Dark theme:

Light theme:

The minimal boot screen:

The fonts on the above screenshots look superior than on previous releases.
The minimize/maximize/close window buttons are now moved on the left-hand side.
That reminds a bit of Apple’s Mac OS X. However on the Mac OS, the window buttons have a different order, close/minimize/maximize.

Ubuntu will also get a brand new logo:

Official and community sites will be updated as well, featuring the new logo and looks.

Looking forward for the 10.04 RTM release!

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A few months ago Google enabled the theme option for Gmail.
Users can preview and select one of the available themes to change their inbox appearance.

This week, Google has added a neat option to completely customize the theme colors, and create a unique theme.

You can find the option in Settings -> Themes.

Look for the “Choose your own colors” link as shown in the screenshot below.


A pop-up window comes up, where you can start choosing your favorite colors.


It would also be cool if images could be added on the custom theme (same way as on the preset themes).

Official Announcement

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