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Google Chrome 5.0.375.55 is the current stable version for Chrome, and the very first stable for Mac and Linux.

You can find more information for the stable release on the Google Chrome Releases blog post.

More details about what’s specifically new for the Mac version can be found on the Official Google Mac blog.

Flash integration will be enabled by default with the upcoming Flash 10.1 release!

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Google has put up a cute little site called GiveChrome.com, which can be used to send Google Chrome browser as a Christmas gift to your friends.

It definitely a great way for introducing someone new to the Google Chrome browser.

Have fun!

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Really exciting news for all Mac and Chrome fans!
The first official Beta version of Google Chrome for Mac has been released today.

The version number is


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Mac and Linux users are now able to test-drive Google Chrome on their favorite OS!
Chrome Mac and Linux developer versions are considered highly unstable, thus Google recommends them only for developing/testing/preview purposes.
Following beta versions should be considered safer, therefore if you’d currently like to see Chrome in action, get it at your own risk!

Official Announcement / Download links

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Google has just released a new beta version of their Chrome 2.0 browser.

This beta is about 25%-35% faster than previous releases!

You can also find some new options:

Form autofilling
– Full page zoom (resize both text and images)
– Auto-scrolling (while activated, moving the mouse scrolls the page accordingly)
– Dragging tabs (you can drag a tab outside of the current Chrome window, and it gets displayed on a new Chrome window – enabling side-by-side view)

Official Announcement

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Please mind that this is not the final version!



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