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The blog was founded about 2 years ago (November 2006).
Something that has neven been changed before was the tagline, which appears right underneath the title. The original tagline was “Software news and exciting Web sites”. During the early days of the blog, that was a pretty descriptive tag.

However the blog has evolved, having a more wide variety of topics. Thus, I have decided to update it to something that reflects more the blog’s content. The new one is “Tech news, Web apps and Coding bits”. Hope you like it!

Moreover, I have added a new category, named “Coding“, grouping together all previous posts that include source code. Judging by the page views, some of these posts are quite popular, so they deserve their own category. I really enjoy writing about programming topics whenever I have enough available time.

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Best wishes to all WordPress bloggers and visitors, for a happy, healthy, and more peaceful, New Year.

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The WordPress team has finally made a clear distinction between “categories” and “tags”.

Remember my long list of categories on the right of the blog?
I had to introduce several entries on categories for each post, just to have it tagged.

While now for each post “real” tags can be added.
Tags are not shown on the “Categories” section.

Therefore underneath each post the “Posted in:” is meant for categories and the “Tagged” for tags.

If you are wondering about why someone should bother with tags, just think of the Web 2.0 concept.
Tags are everywhere, from Flickr to Technorati, to Blogger, and they are a great way to label and categorize your online content. Search engines also make use of them.

On WordPress.com another advantage for using tags is that each tag has its own web page and RSS feed.
For example for the tag “Software”, the web page is http://wordpress.com/tag/software/, where you can find all latest “Software” posts from the WordPress.com blogosphere.

In conclusion, enjoy the updated Categories, which are much more readable.

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