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Photoshop for Mac, both CS4 and the latest CS5 editions, have a quite peculiar default option enabled.

While zooming in or out of any opened image, the image window is being automatically resized.
Personally I find it on one hand a bit helpful for the zoom-in function, but on the other hand highly annoying for the zoom-out function.

If you are trying to disable this feature, then simple go to:
Photoshop -> Preferences -> General…
And uncheck the option “Zoom Resizes Windows”, as shown on the screenshot below.

On a side note, this option is not enabled by default on the Windows Photoshop version.

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We are experiencing the Web 2.0 effect every day in our computing life.
Traditional desktop applications, like Word or Excel, are now available in alternative Web formats, e.g. Google Docs.
E-mail, instant messaging, and other popular online activities, seem to be more accessible from our Web browser than ever.

Adobe makes our Web 2.0 life even better, by offering an online version of the most famous imaging tool, Photoshop.
The Web Photoshop is called “Adobe Photoshop Express”, and is currently marked as a free beta version.
Photoshop Express is entirely Flash-based, and seems to be responding fast to every action.

You can either sign-up for the free service and upload your images, or “test drive” it with some of the existing photos.

Link: Adobe Photoshop Express


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