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Best wishes to all WordPress bloggers and visitors, for a happy, healthy, and more peaceful, New Year.

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During our summer holidays in a Greek island, Santorini, I have stumbled upon something really cool… Someone had a mighty Firefox t-shirt!
I got so excited that I wanted to go and get a photo with the guy who was wearing it 🙂
(Don’t worry, I didn’t :P)

Anyway, yesterday, which is about 3 weeks after our holidays, I came back from work… and guess what I’ve found!
My girlfriend went online on the Mozilla Store, and got me a Firefox t-shirt as well as a Firefox cap! 🙂

That was really a wonderful surprise. I just can’t wait to wear them outside 😀
Oh and a great way to support such excellent Open Source projects.

Here is a quick photo:

Now all I have to do is walk by someone who is wearing a WordPress t-shirt 😉

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Since we are on a holiday period, all mighty geeks can have a look here!

I would love to visit every one of them, except from the South Pole and Chernobyl.

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I suppose if you spend quite a lot of time online, you must have heard of Twitter and Flickr services. Currently they are two of the most popular Web 2.0 sites around.

On one hand you make public on Twitter what you are doing at the moment, and on the other hand you upload your favorite photos on Flickr.

Twittervision and Flickrvision are “mash-ups” of the above services and the Google Maps service.

On the Twittervision site, you can watch and read live all the latest messages that are coming from Twitter, on a Google World Map.
And similarly on the Flickrvision site, you can view live all latest uploaded photos from Flickr, on a Google World Map.

Twittervision might sound a bit pointless if you are not really into Twitter.
However the Flickrvision concept is really exciting, and you could watch it every now and then.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all WordPress bloggers and visitors!

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Underground hackers are hawking zero-day exploits for Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system at $50,000 a pop, according to computer security researchers at Trend Micro…

Full Story (eweek.com)

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I have just read this post, about how you can chat with Santa on Windows Live Messenger!

I instantly remembered the last year’s Santa trip on Google Earth.
So I went on Google Earth’s official site, and guess what I have found…

There is a special Santa Tracker and Toy Hunt available to download, in order to follow Santa on Google Earth. You can also find the Santa’s workshop on North Pole.

Share it with your family, and get into the Christmas spirit.

Santa on Google Earth

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Yahoo Time Capsule

The idea of the “Time Capsule” project was to collect people’s memories, and store them, in a digital format, for the future generations. During the one month period more than 150,000 contributions have been made (including photos, audio, video, text etc). This digital capsule will be opened in 2020.

Wish I had found about it earlier.

Yahoo Time Capsule
Official Blog

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