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Apple has hosted yesterday a special event to introduce their updated laptop series. All models have been revamped, MacBooks/Pro/Air, and include several new and innovative features.

I am not going through the details, as you can find them on the Apple.com web site, and of course on all major tech blogs. You can even  watch the whole keynote here.

Here is what I liked best:

The new aluminum design
The amazing multi-touch trackpad
The overall specs (NVIDIA graphics, DDR3 RAM etc.)

At first I got a bit dissapointed with the keyboard. The previously silver buttons looked way better. However after watching some of the first close-up photos on Engadget, I think that it is not that bad. Guess I will have to touch it and type with it to get a better opinion.

I am also a bit concerned about the new glass/glossy screen, and how reflective that is going to be. Anyway, since there is no matte screen alternative, we probably have to get used to it.

Looking forward to more unboxing photos/videos, reviews etc.

In conclusion, I definitely know what I would like as a Christmas present this year:

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