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Google has finally updated the Google Earth iPhone app.
Google Earth 2.0 comes with some new features and overall greater performance.

New features:

  • Login to Google Maps, and view your own created maps, or custom maps shared by others.
  • Browse photos, Wikipedia articles, business information etc. more easily.
  • Added new languages, now supporting a total of 31 languages.

Update/Download Google Earth 2.0 through the App Store on your iPhone to start enjoying the new features.

Official announcement and more details

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Google Earth 5.0 has been released and includes some new exciting features.

1. Google Ocean

You can now find photos, videos and articles about oceanic and sea life.

Simply enable the “Ocean” layer on the left:

Here is a screenshot showing some info about the Great Barrier Reef:

Here is a screenshot showing some info the Mediterranean Monk Seal:

2. Go back in time

When you become tired of exploring the seas, you can go back in time.
Just click on the top toolbar clock icon:

Here are two New York photos, the first was taken in 1978 and the second in 2009:

And similarly here is the famous London’s Tower Bridge:


3. Plan a space trip to Mars!

Finished flying around the Earth? Well it’s time to explore Mars!
Select Mars from the top toolbar:

Here is a “face” that I have just stumbled upon on Mars:

Google Earth 5.0 – Download
Google Earth 5.0 – Official Announcement

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Swiss police officers were using Google Earth to investigate the address of two farmers, which were suspected of involvement in drug operations.

However what they did discover by chance during the Google Earth investigation was a hidden marijuana plantation inside a field of corn!

The finding led to a bigger investigation and the police ended up arresting 16 people, seizing 1.2 tons of marijuana, and cash/valuables of  $780,000.

Full Story

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Google Earth has updated the 3D models for New York City, US.

You can now view hundreds of 3D photo-realistic models.

Have a look at the Empire State Building area (from Google Earth – free version):

google_earth_new_york_3d_1And here is a true photo:

Like it? Download Google Earth and start flying around!
via Google Earth Blog

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Google Earth for iPhone

Two days ago Google announced the official Google Earth App for iPhone.

Here are some of the main application features:

– Tilt your iPhone to adjust your view to see mountainous terrain
– View the Panoramio layer and browse the millions of geo-located photos from around the world
– View geo-located Wikipedia articles
– Use the ‘Location’ feature to fly to your current location
– Search for cities, places and business around the globe with Google Local Search

Not impressed? Just watch the following video!

Get it now from the iTunes App Store.

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Google Earth 4.3

* New navigation – We’ve improved the zoom control so you can swoop down from outer space to street level in a single seamless motion. And with the addition of the “look” joystick, you can look up at buildings or across a mountain range.

* More, faster 3D buildings – It’s more fun to navigate through a lot of new 3D content. Besides adding thousands of buildings contributed by people around the world, we’ve added dozens of photo-textured cities and towns in the U.S. and elsewhere.

* Street View – The popular Google Maps feature makes its Google Earth debut.

* Sunlight feature – Never seen the sunrise over the Alps? Now you can.


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I have just read this post, about how you can chat with Santa on Windows Live Messenger!

I instantly remembered the last year’s Santa trip on Google Earth.
So I went on Google Earth’s official site, and guess what I have found…

There is a special Santa Tracker and Toy Hunt available to download, in order to follow Santa on Google Earth. You can also find the Santa’s workshop on North Pole.

Share it with your family, and get into the Christmas spirit.

Santa on Google Earth

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