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iPod Touch photos and review

I have just seen a nice review and some photos about the iPod Touch on the PC Magazine.

It looks awesome!

Wish it had FM radio support.

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During our summer holidays in a Greek island, Santorini, I have stumbled upon something really cool… Someone had a mighty Firefox t-shirt!
I got so excited that I wanted to go and get a photo with the guy who was wearing it 🙂
(Don’t worry, I didn’t :P)

Anyway, yesterday, which is about 3 weeks after our holidays, I came back from work… and guess what I’ve found!
My girlfriend went online on the Mozilla Store, and got me a Firefox t-shirt as well as a Firefox cap! 🙂

That was really a wonderful surprise. I just can’t wait to wear them outside 😀
Oh and a great way to support such excellent Open Source projects.

Here is a quick photo:

Now all I have to do is walk by someone who is wearing a WordPress t-shirt 😉

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