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Yesterday I have been browsing the Web, and all of a sudden my old PSU was burned out.
It was an Antec 450W unit, and it was working silently for 3-4 years (almost always-on). I have never had any problems with it.

I immediately went online, from the laptop, to some Greek e-shops to get a glimpse of what’s hot in the PSU market.
And what I liked best was the CoolerMaster Real Power M series.

The letter M stands for “Modular”, as M series are offering a modularized cable design to eliminate clutter and improve airflow inside the chassis. Thus, depending on the number of your devices, you can attach accordingly the required cables on the PSU.

The unit has a 120mm silent fan, over current/voltage/temperature/load protections, and comes with a 5-year warranty! Unit’s design is pretty slick, black-colored, without any LEDs.

A good friend of mine recently purchased the M620 model, and he was more than satisfied with it, so without any hesitation, I got the M520 model today from a local store for 68€.

I have chosen the 520W model, as my desktop doesn’t have that many devices, plus I want to save some power since it is always-on.

Installation was pretty easy, and thank God no other devices were harmed by the old PSU (cheers Antec!).

Here you can see some unboxing photos:

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